We have well planned out litters on occasion.

Is a Newfoundland puppy right for your family?

  • Do you mind hair, yes I said hair, lots of hair. 
  • Do you mind drool, yes I said drool, lots of drool.

Yes there is hair, and yes there is drool but behind all the fur and drool are loving companions who are the “nanny” of the family.  Newfoundlands love to spend time hanging out with their family whether it be on the water, camping, going for walks or lounging on the couch, they will do just about anything as long as it is with ‘their’ family. 

Newfoundlands also require lots of care, whether it be with their training, diet, grooming or vet bills so you should be prepared for the overall cost of owning a giant breed dog. 

If you are still interested in an Aberforth puppy please fill out the following questionnaire which is the first stage of the approval process.  

Please note ALL prospective families are required to visit our Kennel in person for approval of puppy purchase. 

All puppies are CKC registered, Microchipped, Vaccinated, Vet Checked, Dewormed and have a 2 year health guarantee.

New Puppy Questionnaire Form